Frequently Asked Questions

General Info

1. What is TreezSoft Accounting?
a. TreezSoft Accounting is an Online Accounting system delivered as a Software-as-a-Service to CPAs, Bookkeepers, Accountants and their clients.

2. Can I suspend my account and continue say 6 months later?
a. No, you cannot suspend your account and resume later. We actually recommend that you spend a few minutes a day updating your books as this will not only give you an updated positioning of your business but less stress if done near Tax time.

Security and Privacy

3. How secure is TreezSoft Accounting?
a. We take security seriously; all data transmitted are encrypted by 1024 RSA key. This encryption is known as Secure Socket Layers, currently the industry standard for encrypting transactions done over the internet.

4. Can other people access my information?
a. Only those whom you authorize will have access to your information stored in TreezSoft Accounting.

5. What happens to my data physically?
a. Data entered into TreezSoft Accounting are kept on encrypted and secured servers; available to you only through the application 24x7. You may also print out the reports for your own reference or safekeeping.


6. Does TreezSoft Accounting provide importing?
a. You can import various information into TreezSoft Accounting, we only support Comma separated value (CSV) files. Below are the types of data you may import into TreezSoft Accounting along with the respective import format. Click on the name to download for the import format you need.

* The "Date" to be filled in the CSV files shall be in YYYY-MM-DD format (e.g. 2015-01-01).

7. Can I export data out for backup?

a. No, the data has been automatically backup to the server however; you can print out the reports either in Excel or PDF as safekeeping.

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