How TreezSoft benefits Public Practices

How TreezSoft benefits Public Practices
For a public practice, TreezSoft Accounting can have major impact on its services offered, client acquisition and client retention.
TreezSoft Accounting can assist practices to increase profit margins, lowering the costs, as well as providing capabilities to improve on their current business models by offering:

Secure and simultaneous online access to accountants and their clients; via 512bit encryption and secure connections similar to most internet banking services.

Opportunities for accountants to offer high-value-added professional services; such as management reporting and consulting.

Cost-effective; opportunities for off-premise accounting practice staff, part-time retired staff and more

Reducing workloads of bookkeeping, financial accounting, and regulatory compliance by accessing, reviewing and updating clients' books online - anytime, anywhere.

High Scalability, able to handle small to large operational demands.




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