Make Your Business Comply with GST

With our built-in control, you could chose GST comply mode if you are registered with GST. Else, you may switch to non-GST mode if your business not required to comply.

Tax Code Setup

Pre-loaded with Malaysia GST code. You may customise the label of GST that to be shown in your invoice.

Track Input Tax and Output tax

Able to capture input tax for purchase, and capture output tax for sales. You could further categorise claimable and non-claimable input tax.

Generate Tax Invoice

Full, Simplified, and Self-billed tax invoice could be generated from sales invoice, cash sales, and POS.

Generate GST-Complied Credit Note, Debit Note

GST-Complied Credit/Debit Note could be generated to adjust tax invoice been issued. (e.g. sales return)

Bad Debt Relief, Bad Debt Recover

Manage your bad debt in order to request for GST relief, and recover it when payment received after bad debt been relieved.

Tax Return is Simple

Easily generate GST-03 form which complied with format given by Royal Malaysian Customs Department(RMCD). Just single click, all necessary information would be populated accordingly.

GST Audit File (GAF)

Easily generate GAF which complied with format given by Royal Malaysian Customs Department(RMCD), whenever audit is required.

TreezSoft Online Accounting Software is compliance with GST regulations by Royal Malaysian Customs Department, MOF.
* Grade B (Basic)


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