Point of Sale

Easy and Intuitive

Start selling within minutes! Easy to understand interfaces makes learning curve shorter.

Item Search

Check your stock availability across branches/locations.

Split Payment

You can record multiple kinds of payment per sales

Stock levels are updated instantaneously

Whenever a sales is made, your stock levels are updated immediately.


Customisable Receipts/Reports

All receipts and reports are customisable upon requests.

Multi-location Support

Access all your terminals from a single point. Review your sales anywhere, anytime.

No more importing/exporting of data

Sales information are automatically transferred to Accounting.

Low priced but feature packed!

Every subscribed company comes free with 1 TreezSoft POS add-on for a single location, you can create as many terminals within a location. Additional locations require an extra fee of RM80/month per additional location.

Supported Browsers*:

chrome Firefox SafariInternet Explorer
* Recommended Chrome and Safari browsers, requires Cookies to be enabled.

Barcode Scanners

Almost any barcode scanner will work as long as it can read code-128 and is programmed to hit return (enter) after scanning each item.

Receipt Printers

Most thermal receipt printers will work as long as they are installed on the machine accessing TreezSoft.com. The recommended receipt printer for TreezSoft POS is the Optimus C2008 using the Firefox browser, the Chrome browser or the Safari browser. Although this is the recommended printer, you can try your own to see if it will work correctly. (Make sure to set margins to 0 and remove any headers/footers).

Cash Drawers

The only types of cash drawers that are possible to support (that open automatically) are the ones that connect to a receipt printer such as MK-410

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