Web-based vs Desktop

Web-based applications are the latest genre of applications that is fast picking up speed in delivering affordable, desktop like applications. Usually delivered through Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). This allows businesses to reduce significant investments into infrastructure, such as networking, powerful servers and much more.

On top of the prominent ability to access your information 24x7, anywhere and anytime. It is also just as secure as with any desktop applications.

Outline below are some unique advantages Software delivered via the web against Traditional Desktop applications.


Traditional Desktop Software

Web-based Software

Application Development
A 'One-size-fit all' model.
This lengthens the development cycle and usually requires an extended period development before being made available to customers
Designed specifically for web, usually independent of OS and able to support various platforms.
Development is quick and made available instantly usually upon deployment
Application Deployment
Requires installation on customers hardware, longer time needed if multiple clients are required.
Installed only on vendor's hardware, customers are automatically updated with the latest versions.
Ease of Customisation
Possible but costly and time intensive
Limited but easily customisable
Frequency of Upgrades
High frequency
Ease of Integration
Limited and only those that are part of its design
Easy integration through standard web APIs
Hardware Requirements
Requires specific operating environment and requirements
Delivered via a web-browser, usually supports most operating systems and environment
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