What is TreezSoft Accounting

A revolutionary easy-to-use, intuitive online accounting & business management software, designed exclusively for Small and Medium Businesses, Accountants, Bookkeepers, and CPAs.

Not only that you can view your books online, you can create invoices, track expenses or generate reports from anywhere, anytime via the internet.

Anywhere, anytime

You can access your up-to-date books anywhere, anytime as long as you have internet connection.

Share your books with your accountant; If you are an accountant, give access to your clients to enter data or check their books online.

Unlimited Transactions

Never worry about misplaced data, TreezSoft Accounting does not limit the number of transactions that you can enter. Although we advised against entering all your past records.
You can be assured that your data will be
available to you many years later on.

Web-based vs Desktop

TreezSoft Accounting provides the best of desktop accounting solution with the flexibility of web-based applications.

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We Help You Comply with GST Regulations

What is GST Malaysia

GST is a consumption tax levied on goods and services at all levels of businesses. The consumer is taxed only when they spend. It is proposed to replace the current consumption tax i.e. the sales tax and service tax (SST). GST is also known as VAT or the value added tax in many countries is a multi-stage consumption tax on goods and services.

Malaysia government has announced that GST will be implemented on 1st April 2015. Any party with an annual revenue of business more than RM500,000 will need to register for comply with GST.

How We Help You

TreezSoft have received many questions regarding GST. We have putting effort to understand how the GST works and what is needed. With the gained knowledge, we enhanced TreezSoft Online Accounting Software to ensure our client could complies with GST regulations in year 2015.

Now, TreezSoft Online Accounting Software has gone through the GST Compliance certification process held by Royal Malaysian Customs Department and complied their Grade B requirements successfully.

TreezSoft is GST Ready

Setting up Tax Code
Sales Transaction with standard tax codes
Purchase Transaction for Taxable supplies
Filing for Purchase Transactions (Full Tax Claimable)
Filing for Sales Transactions (Full Tax Claimable)

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